Existing Online Physics Notes

Chris Hillman's Notes

"The purpose of these pages is to promote the appreciation and understanding of the special and general theories of relativity"
Carl Turner's Notes

"I thought that it might be cool if I collected together some of the things I've come to worry about and/or understand which I think you might like to find out about too."
Jakob Schwichtenberg's Notes

"This my attempt to collect those things that help me understand. "
Garrett Lisi's Notes

"Welcome to my brain, have fun looking around."
Solenodonus Notes

"Who is this website made for then? Primarily, for me. I've been feeling like I need a way of organizing my thoughts and technical calculations for a long time by now. Then, for everybody whom it might help in any way. I've posted a collection of special literature on theoretical physics."
John Baez's Notes

"My introduction to blogging came in 1993 when I started an online column called “This Week’s Finds in Mathematical Physics”. The idea was to write summaries of papers I’d read and explain interesting ideas. I soon discovered that, when I made mistakes, readers would kindly correct them—and when I admitted I didn’t understand things, experts would appear from nowhere and help me out. Other math bloggers report similar results."
Keith Conrad's Notes

"These were written up for various reasons: course handouts, notes to accompany a talk for a (mathematically) general audience, or for some other purpose that I have since forgotten."
Urs Schreiber and many others' Notes

"The purpose of the nLab is to provide a public place where people can make notes about stuff. The purpose is not to make polished expositions of material; that is a happy by-product. We all make notes as we read papers, read books and doodle on pads of paper. The nLab is somewhere to put all those notes, and, incidentally, to make them available to others. Others might read them and add or polish them. But even if they don’t, it is still easier to link from them to other notes that you’ve made."