Get an Online Physics Notebook

Currently we offer free online notebooks for physicists and students of physics. To get one simply fill out the form below. Your notebook will be up and running within 24 hours.

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(To avoid abuse this is currently a manual process. That's why it takes some time.)

We provide free Dokuwiki notebooks. If you want to see examples, have a look at

You will own the notebook yourself. You are the admin and you are able to customize it however you want. The notebook has all important plugins and functionalities (for example LaTeX) preinstalled.

The notebook will be available under

We create regular backups of all notebooks. Moreover, a huge advantage of the Dokuwiki software is that everything you write is stored as a simple .txt file. This means, your data will never be lost because some database fails etc. You can download you whole notebook and read all content as .txt files offline. This makes it extremely easy to create offline backups, for example, on an USB stick.

If you would rather have your notebook on your own server or if you prefer a different software, that's awesome, too! If you are unsure about how to do this, we have collected lots of information here.

It's free now, but will it cost in the future?

Of course, we can't provide a free notebook for everyone. However, if you set up your notebook today it will stay free forever. The only thing that could happen is that we start charging new users at some point in the future. Old users who registered while it was free will always keep their free notebooks.

Why do you do this?

Our goal is simply that more physicists and students of physics start sharing what they learn. If more informal notes exist, everyone can learn everything quicker. That's why this site exists. Hosting is cheaper than most people think. So this project is neither a massive financial investment for us, nor does it cost us lots of time. (However, we are neither rich nor supported by any organization/government.)

How will anyone find my notes?

We publish a list of all physics notebooks that we know of here. If you create a new notebook here, it gets automatically added. In addition, over time people will start to find you notes via Google.